Hi I’m Rice, and I recently learned about investing and all things related to it. As a new investor as well my goal is to provide information and resources to those who are just starting out as well.

Why Rice?

Rice is a staple in many of our meals, be it from your favourite chicken rice to the ever-versatile cai fan. However, what many of us do not know is the effort into getting that one bowl of rice. From growing and cultivating the rice plant, to harvesting the rice plant, processing and polishing the rice — and finally cooking the rice. For such a simple dish that many of us take for granted, many steps are needed to achieve a single bowl of rice.

rice terraces
Paddy Fields in Vietnam

Just like a bowl of rice, investing takes time to cultivate. You will need to read up and familiarise yourself with the various types of investments, the risk-rewards aspect as well as more important concepts such as fundamental and technical analysis. There is then the next part of investing hands-on with your own capital and learning the do’s and don’ts and avoiding various mistakes made along the way. 

At the end of your journey, you will get to enjoy the fruits of your labour — just like how one savours a bowl of fragrant white rice.

My Journey

The first book I read was Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements. Soon followed a frenzy of reading up on investopedia and other books, joining forums and learning about the FIRE movement

One of the important things I realised is to avoid noise. The financial junk-food industry feeds us retail investors with what we want to hear — not necessarily what we need to hear. This causes a lot of misinformation and yet again confirms our biases. Navigating through the noise is tough and hence, it has spurred me to create this blog, to help sieve out the important bits of information (which all new investors should know) and create an all-in-one page to get the information. 

In this website you will get to learn on various topics:

  • Personal Finance
  • Investing
  • Saving

And various other related topics.

My goal is to post one blogpost a week, which is…

posts a year!

As a newbie investor it is easy to get lost in the noise and be easily influenced by what you hear and read about — some of which may lead to not so desirable decisions. Indeed when I first started my journey I was intimidated (and still am) by the large amount of information and steep learning curve ahead. From stocks to bonds to crypto, the various investment opportunities are endless. Undoubtedly, this journey is never ending and it is my goal to constantly refine and expand my knowledge, and I hope you will be a part of this journey as well! 

Hope you find my blog useful and happy investing!

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